CTEX reaches critical milestone

December 22, 2013 | Posted in News

CTEX reaches critical milestone

CTEX today reached a critical construction milestone in building

the most advanced TIER-IV data center in the Caribbean & Latin America


WILLEMSTAD, CURAÇAO – December 21, 2012 – Curaçao Technology Exchange (CTEX), N.V., today reached a critical project milestone. The company which is building the most advanced data center in the Caribbean & Latin America, reached the highest construction point and finished off roofing and critical internal and external structures of the main building.


“With the help of local and international contractors, our shareholders and local financial partners we reached the highest point of the CTEX data center while at the same time completing major structural work  of ‘CU-1’ the first of four 5,700 square meters LEED and Tier-IV certified data centers. Developing a purpose built data center is not an easy task. This becomes an even more complicated endeavor when building a Tier-IV facility. The details around structural integrity required to withstand a Category V hurricane and seismic level 3 earthquake is significant. Too, with the help of  Habibe & Maia architects, Civil Engineering Caribbean, Dusron (local contractor) and Greenblock, Curaçao can be proud to have a an advanced facility that meets and exceeds international standards for design and engineering. In just under eight months, we crossed one of the project’s major milestones. We could not get to this stage without the relentless focus of the team to meet deadlines and find creative ways to speed up the construction cycle. All attention will now be placed on implementing critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing components which will be our next major milestone. Present planning calls for final commissioning of the building in July 2013,” said Anthony de Lima the company’s Chairman & CEO.


Together with Greenblock, CTEX is using integrated concrete forms (ICF) as a method to reduce cooling requirements by significantly insolating the interior of the facility from outside elements and to dramatically speed up construction timelines. CTEX’s ‘CU-‘1 will be the first TIER-IV Uptime Institute certified data center in the Caribbean and Latin America, making Curaçao a unique destination for businesses in the region. Cura ao was chosen as the site for the region’s most ambitious technology initiative due to its geographic location, which is outside the hurricane belt and major seismic zones, the multi-lingual nature of its workforce, connectivity, political neutrality and fiscal benefits.


CTEX was recently awarded with the prestigious DatacenterDynamics 2012 LATAM Award for incorporating the most advanced design and engineering specifications of any data center in the Caribbean and Latin America. Too CTEX will be a major landing station for various new submarine telecommunication cable systems including the recently announced Pacific Caribbean Cable system that will interconnect North America, the Caribbean and Latin America through 100G connections.

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Bearingpoint & CTEX establish strategic alliance to service the public sector.

December 9, 2013 | Posted in News

BearingPoint and CTEX establish aStrategic alliance agreement

WILLEMSTAD, CURAÇAO – December 9, 2013 – Two leading local technology companies, BearingPoint and Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX) formally established an alliance agreement. The strategic alliance enables government and public sector customers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America to leverage advanced government solutions out of the region’s most advanced and secured Tier-IV certified datacenter.

The agreement focuses on delivering advanced hosted web-based applications to government customers by enabling process optimization in key areas such as levying and tax collection and managing social contributions, granting and paying social security and healthcare benefits and unified handling of permit applications. BearingPoint has extensive knowledge and experience in both the organizational and technical aspects of such implementations. These solutions will be delivered out of the Caribbean and Latin America’s most advanced Tier-IV datacenter. The CTEX datacenter, which has been certified by the Uptime Institute, is the only facility of its kind in the region, providing customers with the most highly secured and redundant computing infrastructure available. Curacao, being part of the Dutch kingdom, boasts stringent privacy laws based on European conventions, is located outside the traditional hurricane belt and seismic active zones and provides excellent fiscal benefits. Governments throughout the region benefit from cost effective and secure solutions for improving public services

while at the same time managing and controlling overall technology expenditure. BearingPoint has a long track record in the provision, implementation and management of advanced government solutions.

The alliance allows both companies to leverage their combined strengths to deliver world-class services to government and semi-government organizations in the region.



BearingPoint is a Management and Technology Consulting company, known for its extensive industry knowledge, high customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. BearingPoint helps companies make fundamental transformation processes. In these processes, IT often is an important enabler of the possible improvements. BearingPoint works with its clients to achieve their ambitions by executing everything from strategy to realization. Both organizational and technical aspects are a key part of BearingPoint ‘s areas of knowledge and experience. As a platinum partner of software vendor Be Informed, BearingPoint maximizes the added value for customers through the use of breakthrough technology.


CTEX is building four Tier-IV, green certified, data centers and an internet exchange point from which co-location, interconnection and managed services will be delivered to enterprise, government, and institutional clients in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company is deploying the latest data center technologies to support high- density cloud computing infrastructures. CTEX offers six core solutions including HyperCloud_Services, Security Management, Managed Services, Network & Colocation, Archival and Storage solutions, and Disaster Recovery Services. CTEX’s Tier-IV data centers are being built on the island of Curaçao, which is located safely outside the hurricane belt and major seismic zone in a politically neutral jurisdiction.


Contact: BearingPoint

  • Menno Vinck
  • +5999 7343200
  • menno.vinck@bearingpointcaribbean.com


Contact: Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX)

  • Ms. Sophia Luimis
  • +-5999-737-0022
  • Email: info@ctexpartners.com

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