Message from the CEO

Our Vision

Our goal is to play a major role in transforming the region in its adoption of new enabling technologies. By partnering with some of the world’s most reputable technology providers such as Schneider Electric, CISCO, VCE, VMWARE, EMC, Microsoft, and others we are building an advanced eco system of state-of-the-art solutions. These solutions not only enable regional companies to safely and securely transact business in their domestic markets and globally but also to develop new and innovative solutions right here in the region. By combining a state-of-the-art Cloud platform with industry-specific software we will redefine how companies do business across the region and world. And, they can now accomplish this through the region’s most advanced Uptime Institute certified Tier-IV facility without having to rely on far-flung datacenters in the U.S., Canada or Europe. For our stakeholders, this means a significant long-term investment opportunity in a company that has huge growth potential in a market where the demand for IT and datacenter services far exceeds supply.

Regional Renaissance.

Many Latin American companies continue their transformation to becoming well-respected multinational corporations. The Multilatinas, one of CTEX’s primary target group, continue to flex their muscle throughout Latin America and the Caribbean while several have embarked on a global quest to conquer new markets. These Latin America multinationals are now competing with multinationals from developed countries boasting well-prepared management teams with roots in the region. With last decade’s declining cost of capital, the Multilatinas have gone from being traditional acquisition targets to being aggressive buyers.

The Internet as a key equalizer.

The global nature of the Internet and Electronic commerce is likely to continue to fuel regional market growth. Digitized products cross borders in real time, consumers shop 24/7/365, social media continues to rise, while established known international brands are being challenged. The Internet is helping to enlarge existing markets by cutting through many of the distribution and marketing barriers that previously prevented companies in Latin America and the Caribbean from gaining access to international markets. Electronic commerce lowers information and transaction costs for operating in overseas markets and provides an efficient way to strengthen customer-supplier relations. It also encourages regional companies to develop innovative ways to advertise, deliver and support their products and services.

A critical role.

Our solutions must enable professionals in a number of industries to interact with customers and their peers across the globe to share information, gain knowledge and rapidly deploy new solutions. All our solutions are focused on achieving this goal. For example we are hosting the region’s most advanced Telepresence conference system that will be interconnected to a global video conference network. This facility is available to medical professionals in order to promote advancements in the medical field and the sharing of critical information with peers across the world. This is just part of what our social responsibilities will be.

Finally, by training and employing the best professionals in the region, we hope that we will create an instant regional hub attracting the brightest minds in the industry.

We hope you will be part of our journey either as an employee, shareholder or customer to build the region’s most advanced technology hub. In all instances, always feel free to provide me with your candid feedback on areas where we can improve our strategy and/or company as a whole.