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Governance Structure

CTEX’s basic corporate governance regulations are set out in the corporate bylaws and in the regulations of the corporate agreement between General Shareholders’ and regulations of the General Board, in accordance with Curaçao law. Policies establish principles of governance and operation, offering shareholders a framework that guarantees their rights with regard to the General Shareholders’ Meeting, as the overall governing body of the company.

The company is operated through a one tier board. The regulations of the General Board, determine the principles guiding the actions of the General Board, regulate the way the way the company is organized and operates, while establishing rules of conduct for its members.

In accordance with this, and as the basis of the governing structure of CTEX, the regulations of the General Board of the Company set out the basic principles that guide the actions of its Board of Directors.

With respect to corporate interest, he Board of Directors performs its duties in accordance with corporate interest, understood as the interest of the Company and, in this regard it acts to ensure the long-term feasibility of the Company and to maximize its value; furthermore, it weighs up the legitimate plural interests, whether public or private, which come together in the development of all business activity.

With respect to its shareholders. The Board of Directors, in its capacity as the link between ownership and management, undertakes the obligation of managing the channels necessary to ascertain shareholder proposals with regard to the management of the Company. The General Board also undertakes to guarantee equal treatment in its relations with shareholders.

With respect to the market. The board undertakes to take any steps and to adopt any measures necessary to ensure Company transparency in the financial markets, and to promote the correct formation of the company share price.



Danilo Zabala
Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

He is responsible for all commercial activities within CTEX. Mr. Zabala has over 19 years experience in international telecommunications and IT industries. His last position was Chief Commercial Officer at UTS, the incumbent telecommunications provider in Curacao, where he led all commercial activities for the entire UTS group of companies. Previously he was Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at CelPlan Technologies in the United States, a leading Wireless Engineering company providing advanced telecommunications services to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA. Earlier, Mr. Zabala held the position of Business Development Manager at Agilent Technologies in their Wireless Test & Measurement division. At Agilent he was responsible for the commercialization of the entire wireless portfolio in addition to developing an Indirect Sales Channel for the Latin America region. Having started out his career as a Radio Frequency Engineer, Mr. Zabala is highly experienced in wireless network modeling, design and optimization. Throughout his career he has participated in several global telecommunications events as the guest speaker including a regular spot on the Latin Telecom Radio Broadcast aired live from 3GSM Barcelona. He has obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Engineering & Business Management from Florida Institute of Technologies in the United States.
“We’re on the verge of something unprecedented in the Latin American region with the launch of the first and only multi-tenant Tier IV certified datacenter, which will allow us to offer the highest levels of quality and variety of advanced datacenter services tailored to the needs of the discerning customers. The future is bright and we are excited to be able to ride the technological evolution that is about to take place whilst establishing long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.”


Mr. Jose Beukenboom
Facility Operations Manager

Mr. Beukeboom is CTEX’s Facility Operations Manager He has experience in managing large scale projects, technical resources and extensive working knowledge of mechanical systems, building management systems, controls and quite familiar with electrical installations. Mr. Beukeboom is an experienced Engineer with more than 23 years of experience in new and renovation construction projects. He has been involved with the construction of the CTEX datacenter from inception, having the lead all mechanical contractor work.
Has extensive hands-on experience in combining general IT and the facilities side of the datacenter to generate maximum business value. He is able to manage the details without forgetting the ‘big picture’ in complex environments. Mr. Beukeboom interfaces with vendors and executive management effectively and has a proven track record in managing and building teams, organizational structures and datacenter infrastructures.