Our Principles

Making a bottom-line impact

Our primary objective is to achieve excellence through constant improvement. We believe that achieving excellence requires a different way to approach work and more importantly a different way of working together. Above all else, we want to find out the best way to solve a problem and to leverage lessons learned from solving a similar problem. Solving problems, be it internal challenges or customer challenges requires open and honest communication of every situation always keeping in mind that the end goal is to achieve excellence and world-class execution.

To achieve this, requires independent thinking and innovation, recognizing that independent thinking generates disagreement and innovation requires making mistakes. Therefore great ideas are born at all levels of the company. We foster this, we encourage this and we want every CTEX professional to feel that they have a responsibility to constantly contribute to the ongoing rethinking of how we deliver services and the value that we contribute to our customer’s bottom line. This is what will separate CTEX from the rest.

To achieve this level of involvement and innovative thinking means that we maintain an environment of radical openness. At CTEX everyone is encouraged to be both assertive and open-minded in order to build their understanding and discover the best path either personally, how we operate as a company or how we exceed our customers’ expectations. In certain cases, we may even help our customers rethink their value proposition within their individual value chain always pushing for excellence and constant improvement. This is what makes our customers loyal advocates and all employees, loyal shareholders.

The types of disagreements and mistakes that are typically discouraged elsewhere are expected at CTEX because they fuel the learning that helps us maximize the value we bring to our customers and the societies within which we operate. It is through this unique culture that we will produce the meaningful work and meaningful relationships that those who work at CTEX or the customers we service will come to expect.