Our Value

Delivering world-class services means, leveraging world-class facilities and computing infrastructures. Our Uptime Institute certified Tier-IV datacenters is where it all starts. Ensuring 100% uptime of all critical components is a must when enabling customers to extend their enterprise computing infrastructures into our datacenters. Simply stated, our commitment is to far exceed current operating characteristics of present datacenter facilities.
To deliver ultimate value means getting a few things right;

  • Ensuring you can conduct business non-stop and that your customers can reach you 24/7/365
  • Managing a trusted security environment
  • Providing options – lots of them so you can customize various solution to meet your specific needs
  • Create a seamless extension of your datacenter facilities into ours and providing you total control over virtual resources
  • Ensuring we have the right qualified staff
  • Continuously monitor and improve core operating process and procedures

Ultimately our goal is that you see CTEX as a trusted extension to your IT infrastructure and organization. This means giving you access to services ranging from basic Managed Collocation services to high-end enterprise grade Virtual datacenter services.