CTEX & Partners kickoff the largest IT conference in the region

March 7, 2014

Record number of attendees attend the kick of the ThinkBeyond IT conference

Willemstad, Curaçao – March 7, 2014. Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX) and its various partners today successfully kicked off the ThinkBeyond 2014 IT conference at the Santa Barbara resort. Attendance grew from 60 professionals at last year’s conference to over 200 present at this year’s event.

Various business and technology themes including the Internet of Things, Datacenters, Virtualization, linking the enterprise to social networks and various others are being discussed. Participants come from as far away as Brazil. During the one day, twelve-hour session, participants discuss the implications of new technologies and how these are reshaping companies and how they deliver value across the world.

Ctex ThinkBeyond 2014

Ctex ThinkBeyond 2014

“By all measurements, this morning’s attendance levels far exceeded our expectations. Last year we had 60 people, today we have more than 200 participants, many from across the region. It’s a testament that we are building a significant technology hub and center of excellence in Curacao,” said Anthony de Lima CTEX’s Chairman & CEO.

The event is driven by CTEX and its various partners including Schneider Electric, Symantec, EMC, VCE, Microsoft, Bearingpoint, E&Y, Cisco, DELL, EMC, OpenLink, Commscope, VMWARE and various others. The conference’s objective is to detail out the global changes and technological implications that are driving companies to rethink how they deliver value to a new interconnected world.