The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly more dependent on real-time, confidential access of patient data such as electronic medical records, digital images, and other information. While continuing to streamline programs and processes for savings, data centers have become a critical player in the healthcare industry. Data centers are now providing real-time support to help maintain streamline costs, meet compliance requirements, handle large data files, ensure 100% uptime, and strict security. The healthcare industry in particular is becoming more cost conscious, pushing to reduce current budgets while still providing the latest and best patient care. The healthcare industry is moving to an integrated centralized data center model to ensure their data is available, secure, confidential and capable of supporting all applications and uptime guarantees.

CTEX provides co-location, managed services and dedicated virtual services geared to support the Healthcare industry in providing the highest quality of services while guaranteeing confidential, secure access to programs and critical data key. CTEX provides a state-of-the-art Tier IV design data center where the Healthcare Industry can meet and exceed their goals of providing superior patient care at affordable costs.