Ensuring 100% Uptime

The Oil & Gas sector expects a data center to provide several industry-specific services, such as site and equipment monitoring, production and distribution automation, asset tracking, research and development tools, and business analysis reports. However the industry, like many other industry segments, requires that the data center also supports the traditional needs of their daily operations, including e-mail, storage, websites, HR and payroll operations. The need for high-performance computing is critical in efficiently collecting, storing, processing, and reporting data in the Oil & Gas industry. The decrease in time required to deliver this data, to analyze it, and to produce forecasting models leads to faster, more intelligent business decisions. Operating on tight production and delivery schedules, the Oil & Gas sector is also concerned about achieving 100 percent system uptime, maintaining high efficiency levels, keeping IT costs under control, and ensuring equipment and data security.

The Oil & Gas Sector understands the benefits of using third party co-location data centers, like CTEX, that are designed to support high power densities, reduced power costs, increased cooling efficiencies, supports flexible deployment requirements and provide the strongest security possible. Further, virtualization and server consolidation provides increased flexibility and operational efficiency, leading to lower costs and improved performance. The industry needs abundant processing, storage, memory and bandwidth resources, as well as the power, cooling, access control, and other resources needed to support the industry’s demanding systems.