Public Sector

Solutions in partnership with BearingPoint

With increased citizen expectations and constant pressure on balancing the government budget, government agencies face the challenge to increase their level of service to investors, citizens and other government agencies, while government as a whole faces the need to enforce tax compliance better, provide social security & health insurance more efficiently and stimulate the economy by removing red- tape when granting licenses and permits.

Never before have web-enabled IT-solutions been so critical for the execution of public policies. CTEX has teamed up with BearingPoint to offer best-of-class solutions for public and semi-public institutions. These solutions enable citizens to submit, request and access information through online portals and significantly increase government efficiency and effectiveness when processing this information.

Examples include a solution for all front and back office functions of tax authorities (levying and collection), a solution dealing with granting and paying social security benefits and health insurance and a solution to streamline the process of various ministries that grant permits. Past implementations have resulted in significant increases of revenues and reductions of operational costs for the respective governments.

These solutions are based on deep industry knowledge (best practices), proven track records in other countries and fast track implementations for quick results. BearingPoint is known for their focus on both technology and organization. Hence their slogan ‘where business and IT co-create’.

For this type of solution an optimal level of security is essential. Citizen data and transactions are strictly confidential and secure access to portals and critical data needs to be guaranteed. CTEX provides a state of the art Tier-IV data center with the highest possible security measures guaranteeing the safety and security of citizen’s data.

The public sector is also becoming more cost conscious, pushing to reduce expenditures while still aiming to provide the highest level of service to the citizens. CTEX in partnership with Bearingoint eliminates the high initial capital investment costs and allows to keep overall IT costs under control. The cost of development of the solutions is also offered in beneficial license based fees, this way allowing for gained return on investment to be used to fund the solution.

Demos and presentations on the above-mentioned subjects along with in-depth industry knowledge and support in writing your organizations’ business case are available upon request.