Demand for High-end facilities

Carriers, CDNs and ISPs are constantly looking for state-of-the-art, neutral co-location facilities that will bring the virtual world as close as possible to business and end-customers with 100% uptime and 24 x 7 x 365 support.

Growing quantities of data and increasing power requirements place ever-greater demands on telecoms systems. High-performance servers, high-capacity storage systems, and fast and reliable network connections are essential tools for service providers. Availability to continuous and reliable power and environmental services is critical for carriers that are supplying network and other telecoms services for their customers. Carriers are most concerned with physical space requirements, a sufficient energy supply, neutral connectivity, continuity of service in case of system failure, and strict, monitored security.

Our data center is a Tier IV facility with 2N+1 design. In addition, the connectivity to Curacao is excellent as it is surrounded by an abundance of subsea cables such as Arcos, Americas-II, Pan-Am and many more. This redundant fiber connectivity facilitates intercontinental linkage to anywhere in the world. Too, our facility will be a true carrier neutral data center. It will serve as a major interconnect point for global carriers in highly secured carrier rooms with redundant cost effective connectivity. We are the perfect choice for the telecommunications industry.