The Smart Utility Enterprise

Spanning all industries, consumers are fundamentally changing how they make decisions on what to buy, who they buy from and how they pay for it. The implications for the electric utility industry are dramatic. New technologies and investments, heightened customer expectations, and a changing energy landscape underscore the shift toward a utility enterprise that is smart, connected and future-ready.

To meet ever changing customer needs, Utility companies will need to deploy customer service portals with increased self-help options, providing timely information on billing, service and whatever other information is required to stay connected with its customers.

Smart metering will further push the need for massive data collection at critical points in the distribution cycle, making sure customers are in touch with consumption and key trends which may affect them..

As Utility companies deploy sensors and instrumentation to better service customers and manage performance, demand for secured data storage and retrieval coupled with the need to enable legacy systems to gather data in meaningful ways will far exceed any company’s computing infrastructure needs.

CTEX helps Utility companies by providing access to a scalable compute and storage infrastructure that provides the necessary growth elasticity to meet varying consumer and operational demands.