Preparing for the Unforeseen

December 18, 2014

jpegRunning your business and servicing the needs of your customers in the event of a disaster or emergency requires much more than having an alternate office or data files backed up to an off-island location. It requires access to technology, work space and connectivity with the shortest possible recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) to ensure minimal business disruption.



The Statistics

The statistics are staggering – 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months, 70% of companies go out of business after a major data loss and 80% of businesses suffering a computer disaster go out of business.

The Typical Strategy

To provide protection, most companies either use backup tapes, or online backup services to store their data files remotely. Others use a multi-branch strategy to create a meshed architecture where every branch could serve as a disaster recovery site in the event of a disaster.

However, critical challenges remain; how do you restore critical applications and technology that enable your business to operate? Having backup data is not enough, and hoping that a branch can take up the full workload of another branch also typically does not work in a live disaster. Too, where will workers go and work during or after a disaster? How will customers reach you? And if an alternate location has been established, how will it be connected, powered up and how will you get the critical computing infrastructure in place, fast enough, to restart operations in a few hours. And, in the case of fire, or natural disaster such as a hurricane or Tsunami, are these alternate sites designed to protect against these events?

What CTEX means to your business

in the event of a disaster

Financial institutions and others who subscribe to CTEX’s disaster recovery services have a huge advantage. First, they have pre-arranged work space that can be activated within one hour of notification. Second, their data and critical infrastructure reside on secured computer servers that are always on and ready to go.  Either they leverage CTEX’s advanced high-performance computer servers or they host alternate equipment at our datacenter that is prime or in standby mode.

State of the Art facility

CTEX was built on the island of Curaçao, not by happenstance but through careful analysis of several critical factors including the island’s geographic location outside the traditional hurricane belt and major seismic zones.

Nevertheless, CTEX’s TIER-IV Uptime Institute certified data center is a windowless bunker, engineered and built to withstand category V hurricanes and seismic level III earthquakes. The facility is located 60 meters above sea-level. This makes the CTEX facility one of the most unique in the region.

With your primary technology infrastructure mirrored at our highly secured facility, your systems can be online instantly in the event of a disaster and your critical business staff will have a place to work while you recover.

Our second floor houses over 150 office desks, private suites, emergency meeting rooms and an international fiber landing station. Tenants have access to the region’s most advanced global CISCO Tele-presence system providing high definition videoconferencing to most major cities around the world. Too, the CTEX datacenter has been designed and engineered to work independently of the main power grid for 14 days on its own power generation plants without refueling.

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