Cloud Services

CTEX Cloud

Discover how we deliver high-performance on-demand computing power

Free yourself from managing hardware issues and focus on what really matters – running your business and servicing your customers. CTEX offers an on-demand, flexible and cost-effective service that lets you instantly deploy cloud servers with no upfront capital expenditure. Control IT spending with automation and ensure faster trouble shooting and support. And, if you need help we are just a phone call away.

In-region Datacenter

If your business is in the Caribbean or Latin America then you want to leverage an in-region data center that is close to your user base. Your data stays in our data center in Curaçao — a safe jurisdiction with European-based privacy laws.

Advanced Infrastructure

Through our partners, we are leveraging a state-of-the-art unified platform that is scalable to meet your needs.

Highly Secure

Security is about vigilance and an obsessive concern with detail and protocols. At CTEX, we start by ensuring that our physical and logical infrastructure is resilient and that our processes are locked down.