Virtual Office Solutions

Centralize & Virtualize your desktops




Leverage award winning Vblock infrastructure from VCE, a joint venture by Cisco, EMC, and VMware, and run your virtual desktops, and your business on one of the best cloud infrastructures in the market. Couple this with the CTEX Tier-IV datacenter and you have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure running from one of the world’s most advanced and secured cloud environments.

Support your organization with the following features:

  • Enable BYOD and allow users increased productivity by providing access to your enterprise data via a secure hosted cloud solution.
  • Patch management is easy with golden image support, and application updates managed centrally.
  • Centralized security policies are easy to implement, coupled with secure managed data, cloud storage, and state-of-the-art security solutions, minimize vulnerabilities from end user devices.
  • Manage IT costs, and allow for desktop deployment in minutes.
  • Give end of life machines, and old XP machines new life as virtual desktops running Windows 7 with no associated CAPEX costs.

Your enterprise users will remain fully integrated as before still retaining features like file sharing, and print functionality, and even allowing for full Active Directory policies. CTEX’s IT Service Management professionals take the burden off your company, and provide a team of high-end specialists to maintain the infrastructure allowing your organization to concentrate on its core business and customers.

With full virtualized environments, businesses no longer need to worry about high hardware costs for servers. With hosted virtual desktops hosted on CTEX’s cloud servers, server purchases, OS licensing and updates are thing of the past, all while funneling the associated savings back into the company.

Businesses everywhere are starting to take advantage of CTEX’s Virtual Desktops in order to maximize efficiency, and reduce costs, all while running on a secure and protected service from the region’s most advanced cloud provider.