Application Services

Monitor critical business Application functions

Our application monitoring service is all about  ensuring availability of critical systems so customers and users can transact business 24/7. Staying on top of application performance and availability is critical to proactively head off application problems before they happen.

Application monitoring includes deep monitoring of critical application processes, proactively process alerts, and highlight issues before they impact the business.

Set-up is easy, and our data center technicians deploy these tools 24x7x365, so you know of a downtime within minutes of an occurrence. Application monitoring includes:

  • Applications, processes and databases (up to 10 application probes)
  • Customer portal for reports on uptime, and
  • Alerts notification


  • CTEX technicians on call 24x7x365 to facilitate service restore
  • Uptime reports
  • Response time reports
  • Email, text and twitter alerts