Managed Security

Protecting your most valuable asset

CTEX offers advanced access control and intrusion management services. These services are custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Access control

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and firewalls are crucial elements of any secure, electronic environment where the safety and integrity of data is at risk due to the nature of being accessible through the public Internet. Based on encryption technologies CTEX offers VPNs, creating your own network between you and your data located within the CTEX data center, so that no unauthorized party can have access to your information. CTEX offers firewalls in the form of a device connected to the server or network, which is specifically designed to permit only the traffic designated as appropriate by you, the customer.


Our staff will proactively ensure your VPN and firewall specifications are maintained and are 100% compliant. CTEX offers you a single point of contact for all concerns regarding the security of your data. One phone call is all you need to place to assuage concerns about your VPN or firewall. You can access event logs detailing the malicious attempts made on your data in order to discover alarming trends or to proactively adjust your strategy of defense.

Intrusion management

CTEX Intrusion Detection services will monitor the network access to your server and data resources within our Tier IV facility, looking for any potential risks to your entrusted data, and mitigating any and all attacks when necessary. CTEX offers two options for this level of service— Detection and Prevention. CTEX offers passive Detection services to diligently monitor all traffic to and from your data center resources. CTEX also offers active Prevention, with a 100Mbps throughput. All of CTEX Managed Security products include bandwidth costs and 24x7x365 support from the CTEX NOC.

  • Suspicious activity alerts
  • Firewall Rule Configuration
  • Dedicated Intrusion Detection Device
  • 350 Mbps throughput
  • 100k concurrent sessions
  • Custom Firewall Rules
  • 25 included VPN users
  • CTEX can also offer Infrastructure Monitoring solutions so that not only is your electronic   resource data secure, but the surrounding physical infrastructure is also secure.

Managed Security Detection and Prevention services enhance your diligence against ever-changing security threats will provide peace of mind for you and your organization. CTEX managed dedication and prevention is delivered without any negative impact on your bandwidth or application performance. You reduce in-house IT expenses by outsourcing GIAC-certified level security capabilities to the CTEX data center.