Virtual Datacenter

Access our Trusted Datacenter Resources when needed, as needed

Make our datacenters an extension to yours, using on-demand resources to meet varying business needs

Our datacenters were designed from the ground up to accommodate today’s high-density virtualized computing resources. In today’s Just as you would in your own datacenter; you can make our highly secure virtual datacenter resources available to your critical applications, business areas and projects as needed without having to worry about physical capacity.

You access a pool of cloud infrastructure resources designed specifically for enterprise business needs. Those resources include compute capacity, memory, storage and bandwidth. 

CTEX’s Trusted Virtual Datacenter solution is hosted on the industry leading VCE VBlock™ infrastructure leveraging VMware.

Ctex Virtual Datacenter

Ctex Virtual Datacenter

Based on your custom requirements we develop highly secured computing pods, each having full access to an array of critical computing resources. Using our resource orchestration engine, customers can define new compute instances to meet various business needs. Leverage our service catalogs and VM templates to build new virtual machines quickly, or upload VMs that are already running at your site. You can also build virtual application instances within your CTEX Trusted Virtual Datacenter. Virtual applications can use more than one VM, may require custom security and/or networking settings, and custom startup parameters. You can structure your applications to be stored and provisioned from a catalog. 

For example, you may occasionally need to create an instance of one of your ecommerce sites with web servers, a database server and specific security settings for purposes of doing testing for each upgrade. This entire instance can be stored as a virtual application in the catalog and then later used to create the upgrade test environment in your CTEX Virtual Datacenter. When the testing is finished, you can power off the virtual application instance.

Technical specifications
CTEX’s Virtualized data center services differ from others in that we leverage an advanced unified platform based on VBLOCK™ technology. By doing so, service orchestration and scaling can be managed and controlled across all critical components including: Network, Server, OS, Management, Storage, Application, Hardware and Services. Underlying infrastructure components including CISCO blades, EMC storage, and VMWARE virtualization software.

All parts of CTEX’s Virtualized data center services are managed together to provide application availability, optimization, and security. A Level 5 data center is a completely dynamic, self-provisioning, orchestrated data center.