The need for regional Data Centers.

December 23, 2014

Continued migration of critical systems to the Cloud, the growth of mobile apps, and the dramatic surge in realtime IP-based voice and video communication are forcing companies to rethink their strategies on where to globally place core technology and systems. While traditional switched networks were structured to enable hub and spoke or fixed mesh networks, these new drivers are pushing businesses to rethink their networking and datacenter architectures.


Understanding the drivers and their impact on regional data centers.

Cloud architectures free up both manpower and equipment expenses by consolidating management and eliminating costly premise hardware. Voice and video is now being integrated into every major app and continues to be migrated to IP networks. Hence, traditional networks continue to be strained.

Couple this with the increase in mobile-users and the continued growth in mobile apps that typically run in the Cloud, then its clear that traditional networking and headquarters’ based datacenters no longer get the job done. jpeg (1)

Leveraging regional datacenters that are located close to operating markets and users has become a must in order to ensure minimal network latency, keep traffice regionalized and leveraging flexible on-demand service in support of the growing demand for Cloud services.


Why Curaçao as a regional network and technology hub?

CTEX’s Uptime Institute certified Tier-IV datacenters were built in Curaçao not by happenstance. Five redundant submarine cables link the island to the rest of the world, and more are currently being connected to the island. As part of the Dutch Kingdom, Curaçao is very friendly to international business.

European-based privacy laws are favorable, taxes are low, and there are no import duties on technology equipment. A multicultural populace, that speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese, also makes the island an ideal hub for transnational commerce.

Leveraging CTEX as a unique regional hub for Latin America and the Caribbean.

When your business absolutely, positively cannot go down, you need a Tier IV datacenter. If you want the peace of mind that your business will not be impacted during floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other threats, then there is no better place to house your critical computing infrastructure and applications than at our Uptime certified Tier IV datacenter – the highest rating for a datacenter and the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Curaçao’s unique geographical positioning makes it an ideal hub for companies conducting business in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Making the CTEX datacenter your regional hub for Latin America & the Caribbean

If Latin America and the Caribbean is your target market, and you have a concentration of business operations, employees and customers in the region, then CTEX is the place to be.

Your objective is to esure the least amount of network latency and optimal bandwidth available between endpoint devices, applications and services. CTEX is the region’s largest carrier-neutral access point providing roundtrip latency throughout the region of less than 40 milliseconds, making it the ideal hub to place critical systems.

With five redundant submarine cables linking the island to the rest of the world, and additional ones being deployed, Curacao has become the best spot in the region leverage Ethernet, MPLS, Sip trunking/PSTN or other services. These networking capabilities provide provide optimal networking connectivity out of the region’s only Tier-IV design and constructured certified facility.


Let’s Talk

Aside from leveraing the region’s most advanced datacenter as your technology and communications hub, Curaçao also brings about many business benefits worth exploring. Together with our partners, we can help protect your business and IT assets while at the same time exploring the various business opportunities of leveraging Curaçao as a regional operating hub. Let’s talk.