A Changing World A perspective on the challenges faced by organizations worldwide and the role of technology in addressing these challenges.
The Internet of Things   How the Internet of Things and the Internet of Business can create Smarter Cities, Smarter Communities and Smarter Islands.
The future of converged Cloud Platforms Not all Clouds are created equal. Learn what differentiates Cloud platforms and how these are converging to increase the guess work out of configuring and managing some of the world’s most complex business applications.
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21st Century Datacenter With Cloud continuing to play a major and growing role in any business, companies are relying increasingly on the security and integrity of state-of-the-art datacenters. Learn what makes datacenters different from each other.
Unified Security and the Information Fabric Your network, computing fabric and supporting systems have become the company’s most vital information artery. Without it, your business will collapse, customers won’t be able to reach you, and reputational damage will be significant. Learn how to protect these various information assets. What are the latest strategies for securing critical enterprise information resources across platforms and infrastructure.
Lunch Session – Building Trust in the Cloud Lunch - IT must shift its focus from saying “no” to saying “yes” to Cloud services in a way that adds value to the business and protects it from mounting Cyber Security risks and governance challenges. Developing a Cloud framework that creates a secure, trusted and audit-ready (STAR) environment may be just what IT executives need to say “yes” with confidence. In this session we will explore the various strategies and critical domains for building trust in the Cloud.
Cloud Capabilities, Present & Future Cloud Capabilities, present and future
The future of Virtualization Virtualization has become the trusted workhorse in IT environments of all sizes. It allows organizations to maximize the utilization of their hardware assets, reduce power consumption, and migrate systems with little to no service disruptions. It also plays a critical role in cloud-computing. Thanks to virtual platforms, the cloud can efficiently deliver flexible, scalable, cost effective services. Learn more about the future of Virtualization.
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Next Generation Networking Today, most voice, video, and data traffic travels on separate networks. As the need for online access to information and services increases, many organizations are integrating their current disparate networks into a single, multiservice network. With one network to carry all traffic it’s now possible to drive a broader range of integrated services. Explore new technologies that are reshaping the corporate networking backbone and how this impacts your organization.
Platform scenarios for tomorrow Gain insight on what to look for when evaluating various computing platforms. What are the trends as well as the opportunities for cost savings.
Storage Scenarios Mankind’s ability to create, process, store, and recall information is light years ahead of the days of cave paintings and engravings on stone tablets. Vast amounts of information can be stored on drives smaller than your thumb, and data centers are cropping up at an increasingly high rate. Learn more about what is driving storage trends.
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