Tier-IV Datacenters

What makes our data-center different than the rest.

The Uptime Institute, Inc. (Institute) developed a four-tiered classification system that is recognized worldwide as the benchmarking standard to compare various data center facilities across the world. The Institute’s system has been in use since 1995, and has become the default standard for the data center industry. The Institute currently provides Tiered Certifications in more than 41 countries. The Tier IV certification is the highest and most stringent certification to meet, making it the most reliable and safe option for companies requiring a high-level of critical systems and infrastructure availability.


In June 2013, became the newest and largest multi-tenant data center in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve the Uptime Institute Tier-IV design certification for the first of its four data centers. CTEX’s state-of-the-art, facility is 71,000 square feet, boasts carrier neutrality, and is located on the island of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.

What does this mean for a customer?

Our decision to build a Tier-IV datacenter was based on our goal to provide customers with the most advanced and secured technology hub in the region. To accomplish this means guaranteeing our customers a level of service and availability of critical components not found in other datacenters in the region or elsewhere. Ultimately, delivering high-end services to secure a customers’ continuous operations depends on having a world-class facility, the right people and the right operational processes.

Its for this reason that CTEX is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Quality and excellence is part of our heritage.