CTEX Cloud

Discover how we deliver resilient, high-performance on-demand computing power

CTEX datacenter is equipped with customized and electronically secured white space for private cages. Security is a major differentiators for the facility.
Standard 19 inch and wide rack configurations are accessible with card swipe access. The main white space is suited with raised floors with a loading capacity of 225 pounds per square foot, two loading docks and a freight elevator.

The CTEX datacenter is surrounded by anti-climb walls designed to prevent large vehicles from breaking on to the property. There are over 200 passive infrared heat sensing pan-tilt-zoom IP high-resolution cameras throughout the property. Access to our data center is restricted to CTEX personnel and designated authorized Personnel of Customers via Smart chip RFID keycard access and biometric and personalized access codes. Alarm points in the system are integrated with cameras throughout the facility to record events that are all stored. The Network Operations Center (NOC), the Security Operations Center (SOC), and armed guards are operational 24x7x365. Visitors require a 5 day per-clearance before going to the building.
The CTEX data center has fully redundant commercial power feeds and backup power is provided through Continuous Power Systems (CPS). Back-up diesel generators in 2N+1 configuration, with no single point of failure, have sufficient capacity to supply customer equipment & cooling platform, as well as charge the UPS batteries in case the primary input to the center fails. Generator capacity has been designed to accommodate the power draw of a fully loaded data center indefinitely— with 10 days re-fueling intervals. Sleeping corridors, food & water for critical employees are also provided.

The facility is located 60 meters above sea level, with window-less 8” thick solid concrete exterior panels, and designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with 12 million pounds of roof ballast. State-of-the-art lightning prevention system has been installed. The roof slope is designed to aid in drainage of rainwater in excess of 100-year storm levels with a pitch to capture natural rain water. Water is channeled via gravity to ponds and channels surrounding the property. Two secured fiber vaults located on the extreme points of the property line with (14) 4” conduits in each vault. All external fiber optic cables terminate in specialized Carrier rooms and further connect to ‘Meet-Point Rooms’ housing our CORE service delivery platform. With several multiple wide-area network connectivity options, the “Meet-Point Rooms’ serve as inter-connectivity centers for CTEX customers.

CTEX also ensures the highest level of fire protection. A cutting-edge early fire detection and suppression systems that limits the potential for damage in the event of a fire consists of multi-zoned, dry pipe, water-based fire suppression systems with sensory mechanisms (sniffers) and dual alarms (heat and/or smoke) activation. Water only enters the fire suppression system in the event of two cross-zone alarms, and will only disperse in the event of a broken or melted sprinkler-head. Any water discharge will be sprinkler-head specific, limiting the potential for damage caused by over-spray.